The Author

I, as a 3-time cancer victim, undertook my role as commander-n-chief of my body and soul and mother to my household.  Once armed with research on homeopathic cures along with spiritual guidance I waged a war with the best possible weapons I knew alongside my medical providers.  Visible signs showed....

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The Books

Tradition is the chain we hold on to from one generation to the next.  You may not be remembered in generations to come but tradition may go on – in it we will be remembered – one link at a time. Undertaking a search into the past lives of my ancestors to find a source for the strength I mysteriously possessed surviving cancer not once but three times....

The Experience

The concept of a Tree of Life has been used in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology. A tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense....
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