Geneva Code:  (Book / Chapter / Verse / Word Count)

Moether Rath – Anagram for Mother Earth Natas – Satan spelled backwards

Pg.84 (3/11/23&28)(5/16/19/19-28)(5/16/21/1-14) translates to “He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathers not with me, scatters, and drew them into the market place unto the Magistrates. And preach ordinances, which are not lawful for us to receive, neither to observe.”

pg.86 (5/5/30/14-18) (6/6/10/1-10) translated “Did we not directly command you, that you should not teach in this Name? We should rather to obey God than men.”

Pg. 93 (5/5/28/12-14)(5/5/29/9-16) translated “Teach in this we should rather to obey God than men.”         

Pg.98 Exodus 1:17-22 “When tyrants cannot prevail by craft, they burst forth into open rage”

Do you see why King James I disliked the Geneva? )

 pg. 99  Square of Saturn and its melancholy spirit which came by way of the word Saturnine.

 Pg. 108 (1/12/24/9-10)(1/11/12/6)(P.)(1/12/35/17-19)(1/12/24/11-13) “This man John P. an evil     man cast the devils”

 Pg. 111 The Devins-Guerisseur (“The Diviner-Healers”)

 pg.114 Malleueus Maleficarum” Maleficium- Latin term for “wrong doing” or harmful magic

           “malevolent sorcer”

pg.113 “Ship monies within ode guns” anagram for “God punishes in His own time”

pg. 113 “Bitch Weed” anagram for “Bewitched”

pg. 120 “White Minions” anagram for “In His own time”

Pg. 123 “Ship monies within ode guns.” anagram for “God punishes in His own time.”

pg. 135 Code in Salem Village’s Church Book margin 5 names that relate to:  “A group of five that kept to the shadows throughout the next two years as they prepared an attack that was brutal, fifteen days before the Samhain of 1691.  Such an attack that set in motion an evil realm while the existing Committee was voted out; and a numerical code of five was meticulously written in the margin of the Church Book.”: / ………….decoded Francis Nurse………. decoded Joseph Hutchinson ………..decoded Joseph Porter………. decoded Daniel Andrew……… decoded Joseph Putnam

pg.138 “Papacy Lose” anagram for “Apocalypse”

pg. 191 “I am not getting any younger!” Witches don’t age

pg. 195 “White Minions” anagram for, “in His own time”

pg. 197 “SfragiV dwreaV PneumatoV ¢Agiou accompanied by the Latin verbiage ‘Accipe signaculum doni Spirtus Sancti’ translates to:  “The seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit” 

Pgs. 262   (5/8/9/1-11/Hathrone)(5/8/10/12)Sarah Good(/5/8/9/17-20/Salem/5/9/22-29)

Decoded-   “And there was before in the city a certain man called Hathrone, saying Sarah Good bewitched the people of Salem, saying that he himself was a great man.”


 1. What are your thoughts to this passage on Pg. 126:  “Why the past always came back to haunt?  What will it take to finally end?  The answer to this question may face eternity in its quiet foreboding quest if the code is not broken or the  anagram unscrambled.  It was once thought in the last century of Dee and Queen Elizabeth that alchemists who reasoned by analogy might have the answer.  Yet we still find it is a world of unexplainable acts of God. “ 

2. What do you feel the author is trying to make know in the scene describing the Runes carved above the cottage door in  the Lintel on page 165?

 “Discovery of ancestors past lives”

 3. On page 196 the old man is trying to open Jacob’s eyes to another realm to which Andrea belongs.  A realm that only  seeks to do good.  What do you think it is?

4. Reflect on the meaning behind the sentence, “A tongue of fire fell upon Jacob’s head as he stood atop a fallen tree  enjoying the moment of holiness, a oneness with his spirit and the unknown future to come upon this new country as it  held within its grasp evil’s vengefulness” pg. 201.  

5. Do you find some correlation between the scene when the seeker first appears on Beltane and the symbolism of the egg?  Do you think the author is trying to group together the season of Betane, May 1st, and springtime known for the birth of the growing season?  Why?

6. What significance did the comparison of an egg have to a skull on page 226?

7. What do you feel the author is trying to reveal about Andrea and Anstice in Chapter 21?

 8. What underlying meaning do you think there might be to Ethan’s reference to Susannah as his ‘soul mate’ on page 248?

 9. What could the sentence, “If the lock be a binder to block out uncomfortable memories hidden within its casting, then  what part could the key play if we seek to undo the spell?” be trying to tell us? (page 251)

 10. Who do you think is “the father of lies,” mentioned on page 253?

 11. What can you decipher from the prophecy and where the author is leading us into her legacy?