“I’m a fair-minded scum or idiocies.” Pg. 236 / Anagram for “dei misericordiam confidimus

“Dei misericordiam confidimus.”  Pg. 216 / Anagram for .“God’s mercy we trust.”   

Dei misericordiam confidimus = Act Of Contrition  

“Most wry creeds tug.” Pg. 229 / Anagram for “God’s mercy we trust.”

 Three Fold Anagram:

A multi-step anagram. First "I'm fair-minded scum or idiocies" tranlates to "dei misericordiam confidimus" (via anagram) than that turns into "god's mercy we trust" (via the latin language to english).

Dei misericordiam confidimus= God’s mercy we trust = Most wry creeds tug

“To this pay heed fore in a graveyard does lay a precious stone, amongst the bones.” Pg. 236    This refers to human sins and weaknesses for the material trappings in human nature or its simile in the lost crown jewel of “Blackbeard”

“Thee locket does speak to ye, if the secret is ciphered out.” Pg.237

This refers to the link in Bridget’s Bloodline and why Natas seeks her out.

STONE = From the Divine Will flows forgiveness

Venia - Forgiveness

Exund - Flows

Numen - Divine Will. 

Ineta - From

Adnam - The


SECRET:  GOD’S MERCY through Reconciliation or an act of Forgiveness


1. What does the External Knot represent? And what do you feel it means to you?

2. How does a garden represent life?

3. What do you think the English ivy represents in the novel?

4. How do feel about the contrast between England’s society in the early 1900s and the American Dream that drew immigrants to the shores of the United States?

5. Religion is woven throughout the plot in “Out of the Garden”. What are some of the hidden themes?

6. To understand the mystery behind the secret you need to understand forgiveness; please expound on this.

7. Did you find the anagram for Natas? Moether Rath?

8. Why do you feel the author chose the gospel reading, John 10:1-10 (New American Bible) in Chapter 3?

9. What do you feel Bridget was trying to express in her journal entry dated April 30, 1910 on page 57?

10. What does the stone reveal? (page 126) How does it interact with the novel’s theme?