Life is like a novel....

A novel the author cannot put down.  

The cover opens with the Prologue, as the family waits in anticipation of a birth or Introduction.  Then as the pages turn to the main body of the book the journey transcends unto each page.  Within its plot the characters fade in and out of life’s moments, countless days and numerous years that pass by.  


Some tidbits of life are minuet and unimportant, while others are grand and hold endless value as they mold our spirit and soul into who we are.That person we face each morning in the mirror and the substance of self we acknowledge as we climb into bed each night.  

Yet, it is but a glimpse of the depth we hold inside.  The genes and blood ties inherited by way of our ancestors are locked within the roots, trunk, branches and leaves of what we call our Ancestral Tree.  

My books are an out pouring of this self that I have chosen to share with my readers. They are my life, just like a novel.