A life dedicated to helping people

Fifteen years ago when I faced death with a diagnosis of stage three lung cancer I experienced for the first time the weak knees, gut wrenching fear that I would soon see my destiny.  It was that ‘smack’ in the face time in my life, where I stopped dead in my tracks and looked back judging the past and questioning the future.  I spent the next days in a whirlwind of doctors, CTs and prayer, lots of prayer!  It was just the beginning of my next five years and two additional cancers.

SSC Divine Mercy Painting.jpg

To gain a stronger faith filled life and devotion to the Divine Mercy along my journeys, I dedicated the next decade to promoting our Lord’s mercy and all it has given me.  Meeting many good people I have tried to give inspiration to those who are battling terminal illness and those who face the battle with them.  My writing has been my method to reach out to more people than I can touch, with my personal testimonials and book signings.

I hope, in this way, I can help at least one person, with their struggle.