Trying to send a positive message

From the seed that was planted in my first book, The Imprinted Survivor, a seedling has now sprouted.  This came about upon signing a contract with Tate Publishing, a Christian publisher, based in Mustang Oklahoma.  Recently I reached the final editing the proof for Out of the Garden, The Legacy Series.   A Christian Historical Series based on my own legacy, an amazing heritage for which I have been graced with to build a plot around.

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The idea for the series’ first began during my ancestral research for The Imprinted Survivor.  During which time I was teaching Middle School Art and found the content of my student’s free drawing assignments focused on a culture that had been infiltrated with vampires and Hunger Games, which I found troubling.  I had grown up in the late sixties and early seventies when Flower Power, Love and Peace were in their hay day.  

At present our society idolizes evil powers in the paranormal, watches liberal and sexually based media, and reality shows.  Through my current undertaking of creating a Christian based series I have sought to spread morals to a society that is turning away from family and Christian values.