Writing to the younger generations is harder than it looks

Out of The Garden.jpg

Recalling my reads as a young adult of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, I came up with the idea to create a Historical Fiction Series.  A series where the reader could interact with the novel to hunt for clues mingled between the printed words.  There meaningful passages open to scenes filled with good battling evil, where historical facts are accurately documented.  In doing so I used anagrams, clues, riddles, puzzles and secret codes to entice the reader to look deeper.

Writing to the genre my books contain, has exercised this weary memory and helped me deal with the new limitations I have faced after my recent brain surgery to remove two non-cancerous meningioma tumors in 2012.

 For my readers who just what to relax and let the plot unfold these novels will keep your interest, but when you have completed the novel I am sure your curiosity will get the better of you.   So you can always look back through the novel’s sections that point out the pages where clues can be found and reflections for book clubs & literature classes are present.