A St. Patrick's Day peak into "Out of the Garden"

“There a family that lived off the land as farmers and shared the blood of Seanchai flowing through their veins.  When Saint Patrick sought to save Irish Souls from their pagan ways he employed the skill of a Christian Scribe from one of his monks born to this family centuries past.  The monk was to seek out Pagan Folktales and record those for the use of good people who would one day seek amusement in the stories and learn much from the ways of Irish people.  This very same monk to whom the Saint knew of his ancestral legacy and blood ties traveled to Newgrange where an “Old Teller” resided in his later years as a cripple in the same home as his ancestors.  Lonely and full of tale the man revealed many a story taught him by his Grandmother, Abagael Gaffney, a Seanchai herself born under a full moon during the Winter Solace a good omen to insure the blood that flowed through the baby girl’s veins was as pure as it could be.  At her death her family buried her inside the circular domed structure and placed Faeries to protect her remains from harm.  It was said that at the same approximate time as the night the Book of Kells wickedly disappeared from the Abbey of Kells, the breast bone of Grandma Gaffney was also stolen from her grave in Newgrange.  There under the protection of its three concentric circles and a Freeion guard Natas did send to this world from his Unseelie Court a Phooka to carry out a spell.  It is said the Book was later recovered missing its bejeweled cover – “under sod.”  But there never came an answer to the bone stolen from the grave.  It is said the Secret would one day be known when Evil and Good collide on the battle field of the Angel and Unseelie Fae, Natas.”