Susan Steen-Ciolek

Susan is known for her Inspirational Genre as seen in her book, “The Imprinted Survivor” published by Tate Publishing.  Her books combine emotional events in her life and those of her ancestors.  A former instructor of Fine Arts in Michigan for sixteen years she holds a Masters in Art Education.  Currently Susan is a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution and The Manning Association.  When she is not busy with her Art or giving testimonials she can be found in her small Midwestern Community or Northern Michigan with her husband, three daughters, and two dogs.


About Me

I, as a 3-time  cancer victim, undertook my role as commander-n-chief of my body and soul and mother to my household.  Once armed with research on homeopathic cures along with spiritual guidance I waged a war with the best possible weapons I knew alongside my medical providers.  Visible signs showed their ugly faces on my physical appearance in battle scares and hair loss.  Yet all was not bleak, as I benefited from new found friends, caregivers and other survivors.

 As I came to an end in this journey, I found my answer not just the imprint I may have received from my ancestors, but the strength all mankind possesses within their souls.  A strength, that we human beings can grasp on to in our battles and give a good fight, whatever our heritage.  As cancer survivors our battles may not be won on battlefields they are won on operating tables, with chemo and radiation treatments, many tears and a whole lot of prayers.  We can hold our heads high as we travel down life’s path.  What a bumpy ride it can be.  Hopefully the next generations we imprint shall praise the lives we have led and our memory will have its own story to tell.