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"The Imprinted Survivor"

Tradition is the chain we hold on to from one generation to the next.  You may not be remembered in generations to come but tradition may go on – in it we will be remembered – one link at a time.

 Undertaking a search into the past lives of my ancestors to find a source for the strength I mysteriously possessed surviving cancer not once but three times.  This Christian Spiritual Memoir journeys through time in search of a possible link hidden in my ancestors DNA to the Epigenetic Theory, which holds that origins of behavior can over time be directly affected by environmental factors in addition to the free will we all possess.  The Imprinted Survivor has a narrative voice of storytelling, as I paint a picture with words to transcend the reader into my world of human experiences in the face of terminal illness.  It is a secret world that battles both physical and psychological elements.  

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The past and present merge in a unique manner, while intertwining within the lives of generations long gone.  Relying on my faith in God to lead me down the correct path and the miracle of life he has allowed me to enjoy.  I give witness through stories remembered and endless hours of research a legacy of history and legend. Through the realization and acceptance of my cancer, I face many unanswered questions the medical field tries to solve.  It is not a science of one way paths or certainty. There are always variables to each and every case.  As we humans are created by our Lord and not man made creatures.  To seek out the answer to the question many victims ask themselves, “Why me?” is an answer which may have no purpose, as the purpose is finding you in this journey.

"Out of The Garden"

For centuries, this legacy has rubbed shoulders with the present in the battle of good versus evil by way of Irish Folk Tales and Lore. But now Bridget Gaffney, a poor Irish servant to British Royalty, enters a journey into her blood ties of Seanchaithe. Stalked by an Evil Unseelie Fae this ominous quest weaves a plot to weaken her faith and infiltrate humanity.

“Out of the Garden” is based on the true life story of the author’s grandmother, yet fictionalized just enough to draw you under the veil of the ‘Other World’. Set on the picturesque Isle of Wight in the English Channel during the summer months and London in the winter. Bridget lives and works in the elegant residence of Osbourne Cottage given the Princess by her mother Queen Victoria, Carisbrook Castle and The Enchanted Kensington Palace surrounded by the magnificent grounds of Kensington Gardens. Present home to Prince William and Kate Middleton.



"Out of the Colonies"

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A veil of evil hovers over Salem Massachusetts as the author finds herself set in a time traveling portal into the late seventeenth century. A journey which opens a realm that is tormented by fear of the Devil’s supernatural powers and his hold over the colonists as they seek to find their way. An unforeseen danger erupts when America’s dark dank forests and strict Puritan faith collide.

Placed in this unsettled land, the evils of materialism feed upon self-righteous souls, who in turn lash out against those of their own kind creating a society more hideous then that of England’s Star Chamber, during the time of Bishop Laud, from whence they fled. Nothing could have been viler than what transpired in 1692 Witch Trials and tarnished America’s legacy to this day. Seeking what lay behind in this portal, the author searches for answers to her family’s ancestry—a bloodline buried deep in American History and Literature, not to mention the selectmen and authors whom influenced the legacies that followed.